Three little kids are bored of swimming in a small, narrow pool, so they a long journey to swim in a bigger lake that looks magical from a distance.


On a hot summer day, three kids living in a poor Anatolian villiage go to a fountain gutter, but see that it’s too small for swimming. They’ve always been yearning for swimming in the big lake which can be seen from the villiage. And while enjoying the lake view from a distance, they decide to go there with bike. However this round-trip won't be that easy.

This tough and long adventure is a pure portrait of the existence, seeking and trip in a child's eyes.

ITALY - BEST FILM AWARD "Religion Today Film Festival"
TRENTO"Religion Today, vince il film turco My Short Words"
KOSOVA - BEST FILM AWARD "Kosova Film Festival"
PORTUGAL "Competition in Olhares Film Festival"
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CZECH "My Short Words in 58. Zlin Film Festival "
DUNYA BiZiM "A Newly Married Couple's Wedding Film"
IKSV "I use to my childhood memories for this film"
STAR "About the Istanbul Film Festival's Films"
37. ISTANBUL FiLM FEST "Nomination Best Debut Film"
EYE FOR FiLM "The film certainly wears its metaphors..."
TV 24 "This film's budget is director's wedding money..."
MİLLİYET "Benim Küçük Sözlerim Arapgir'de gösterildi"
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